Dragon's Lioness

Dragon's of Midnight Book 2

Lion shifter Ariel and her lover, the dangerously beautiful dragon shifter Jett, have settled in with the Blue Hurricane pride. Life is amazing, and Ariel is looking forward to having little dragon-winged lions with him. But Jett is uncollared, his dragon abilities unconstrained along with his fiery emotions, so that one day he provokes Ariel into using a power she didn’t know she had and the witches come for her.

Jett can’t bear to part from Ariel. He risks the wrath of the witches by visiting her in secret at the Steel Tower where she trains. Their moonlight trysts are made all the more perilous because he trespasses uncollared, in direct violation of witch law. If he’s caught, he risks not only Ariel’s training but his own life. Will his love for his lioness be his undoing?

Jett’s sister Gwendoline also gets her story in this book! The female dragon shifter meets her match in Mathis, the witch sent to retrieve Ariel from the pride. Can Gwendoline overcome their painful past to forgive Mathis before he’s lost to her forever?

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Dragon's Lioness

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